Mark Hodson, Computer Systems Engineer and Director.

Mark joined Block Software in January 2003. Previously, he worked for Tenix Defence in the areas of information security and hydrography. Mark has also had several short-term placements with the Defence Science and Technology Organisation. He graduated with BE 1st class honours, top-of-class from Adelaide University in the Computer Systems Engineering discipline in 1999.

Mark's talents lean toward high-speed, specialised and optimised data processing tasks. These are often the back bone of systems and require keen understanding of systems architecture and data processing algorithms. Mark prefers to implement his solutions in C/C++ and assembly language, but also has experience with ADA and Matlab. He has been formally trained in C/C++, Java, ITSEC (Australian information security standards), Quality Assurance (ISO9001) and Systems Engineering. Recently, Mark has been involved in the design and implementation of world class simulation architectures for hybrid discrete and continuous time models.

Mark works best in a small team with well defined roles and is competent at leading system and software engineering effort in such a team. He enjoys a challenge.

Besides software, Mark has engineering experience in custom hardware integration with embedded and large computer systems, system deployment for large (>$10M) systems, LAN/SAN architecture and hardware, system administration and training.

Email: mark.hodson@blocksoftware.com

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